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:Ancient Futures in Organic Cyberspace:



<~`At the core of the Earth, electric roots grow. They are alive and pulsate stories in many different forms. ~~//>

*Molly Erin McCarthy 

 IG: @molly.erh 

Twitter: @mollyerh


 (e)mote[tional]growth ( 2020) 

virtual sculpture, dimensions variable. 



Case File Number : [REDACTED] Description: Post-Mission Debrief Interviewer: Managing Lab Technician Interviewee: Resource Scout. 



MT: what can you tell me about this specimen? Where did you find it?

 S: it was buried...
MT: where? 

S: under the ground... deep under the ground... 

 MT: yes but ~ where ~ exactly? 

 S: …

MT: ... right... 

MT: so you dug it up... how did you know where to dig? 

S: I... I could hear it... 

 MT: hear it? what do you mean? 

 S: … 

MT: It’s not making any noise now... 

 S:  … 

MT: okay... um... well what properties does it have? 

S: it answers... 

 MT: answers what? 

S:  ...and oozes 

MT: yes i can see that...what does it answer? 

S: ... anyone... me... you... 

MT: so it speaks?

S: ... no... it answers... 



*kellie_bornhoft__Boundless_Sediments , 2020, 3:12





Title/: Boundless Sediments, 2020, 3:12




Boundless Sediments is a video installation centered on the moving-shaking animacy of the Earth. The common space of ground, the shared layer of the Earth’s surface, has been a crucial topic in measuring and anticipating the warming planet. A void in conversations surrounding the anthropocene or climate change is the lack of discussion of the colonial violences of extraction that are responsible. Colonial logics of measuring, marking and maiming the landscape are dangerous logics. The animate and responsive way that the earth pushes back. The the land shakes and shifts despite human drawn borders. Boundless Sediments is a two-channel video that uses poetry, ephemeral performance and hand-drawn animation to reimagine our relationship with this pale blue dot.

 <Special thanks to Derek Lee for the viola.>



*Elliot Hicks,  Nu WWWorld, digital, 04:10 —



<Nu WWWorld is a hyper-fantasy depiction of the last of the human race, living in a dying Earth, uploading their consciousness into a digital simulation where they can live forever in a new limitless forme.>




*Josiah Finegan video, 3D RENDER::—




:Digital Contemplation:


:Heavenly Flow:


:I am the Aether:


:Infinity Illusion:



*James Irwin. — @james_irwin,


<Video: (screen recording with me in), (2020) 1080p video.>

<Digital Sculpture: Object from (2020), .glb file.>


These are digital artefacts and outputs from a web piece situated at 

The work is an extension of my current research, which pivots around the point at which code becomes image. Within the work the user/viewer sees their isolated image cast within a navigational 3-dimensional digital space against a backdrop of digital sounds and images. As we zoom, rotate and pan around the work, we become caught in an ambient state, where the act of looking becomes proliferated, and we are offered the opportunity to see ourselves - as subjects - within a distant alien space.



*Ben Dawson—  Untitled Video, 2020, @bendawson110



“i think if i remember my face i won’t ever want to bare witness to-it again” 

Video, 2:27



*ELEANOR LEE — @rubybybybyb  <video — Eva, 2020>


a cool threee tatted tinted future goddess sitting in her bedroom.



*Hollie Page — @holliepage   [Dolphin Phone]


\’ 3D model created through a photogrammetry app. 



*Liza_Dickson_ RGB./quilt.2020 = 80'' x 96'' —  @lzdcksn







sensation // illusion



an expression of atmospheric noise


      < fabric of reality >


tactility and  meditation


a glitch.


chaos // order                        


a randomised process which was always to be


an alchemical change of state:


   >information embedded

   >labour and love embedded

   >light embedded


god is alive, magic is afoot



< all is light >



*Dave_Greber_Kebabs_Night Only.glb_ — @davaygrebere —>


[[“Kebabs Night Only” 3D object 2020]]

Dimensions variable


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