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“Set within a microbiome-dome of fragmented cellular and root((+router)) biology.
A syncing of autonomous systems and sentient networks found in nature."


Built & curated by [[GWENBA]]

Featuring works by


Enzo Luciano


Dregg, 2020 - 3D sculpture




India Stanbra  


Freefall & Freefall II (Rethinking Ruderal Ecologies)




Gweni Llwyd 


H A G, 2020 - 3D sculpture

Ella Yolande


Radiolaria, 2020 - video



Nicholas Delap


Swamp Being, video 




Sade Arellano


The Wheel of XIXENOEKH

Molly Erin McCarthy


 օʀǟӼɨɖ ʋ2.0, Sculpture/3D Model 



Sian Fan


supernature.glb - Seeping Out 1 / 3/ 5




Ida Lissner


DEEP SLEEP, 3D sculpture 

Uma Breakdown


“Mansions of Mist (vomiting a chemical marker in the yard)"  


Vera Kamea Frommelt


Rapunzel’s post digital fairy tale, 3D sculpture



Manuka Glass



concept, Nacoca Ko

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