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HOW 2 B HUMAN: A CYBORG’S GUIDE is a short film featuring a cyborg named L0 Version 3 who has travelled down to Earth in order to collect data on what it means to be human. The film itself in narrated in chapters (or steps) on the requirements based on the Hierarchy of Needs theory (conceived by Abraham Maslow, psychologist and noted human). The list follows the fundamental needs of survival in a scientific manor, also holding poetic morality. Through psychedelic digital visuals and otherworldly sounds, I wanted to create a film/instillation that truly submerged the viewer. The concept of the piece in question was to connect audiences on a common ground, these needs and wants and fears and desires are relatable to (most) humans. I think the piece itself was formed by my own interactions, isolation and need for connection; not only with people, but the Earth Herself.