:Medusa, Queen of The Sea :


An experimental short using found footage from a jellyfish & sea flower documentary from the 1970s, I montaged images and sound to [re]create a new video piece. The narrative follows “Medusa of New Earth” an ancient creature recently discovered by scientists. It is unknown if this creature is truly earth:born or whether the human race was derived from such galactic roots…

After researching, listening and watching the late Genesis P-Orridge‘s work with montage and cut-ups I was inspired to create my own narrative of a newly discovered creature based on a mixture of nature documentaries and sci-fi literature, I wanted ‘Medusa, Queen of The Sea’ to give the feeling of found footage, a new discovery and a little magic in these unsettling times.


I'm currently working on further plans to perform and project work in different contexts: on sculptures, on bodies, on walls and flowers and mirrors. In, on, around, through virtual spaces… It still feels unfinished/unpolished but I'm happy with it as a starting point for world building in (earth:born), a larger scale project I’m currently working on.